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Client Testimonials

“Susan Stickley is an exceptional strategic planning facilitator and innovative scenario
planner who can successfully lead your organization and leadership through the most
complex strategic planning challenges and opportunities posed by both your current and future environment. With the leadership, guidance and support of Stratus and Susan, your organization will be the creator and owner of your own strategic plan. Together, you will reach consensus on your organization’s future direction. Her commitment to inclusivity and adaptation, coupled with her skills at conflict resolution, enriches the process of envisioning the future and, ultimately, makes the outcomes more successful. In the end you will likely be surprised at just how bold and certain you are about your future strategies and aspirations."

Janice Lachance

Interim Executive Director & CEO, AGU


Stratus has collaborated with clients in North America, Europe, and Asia across a wide range of industries and areas of focus. Stratus has served both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, including Fortune 100 and 500 firms, helping them discover and create a path to their desired futures while building their own internal strategic adaptive capabilities. Stratus has had significant focus in health and healthcare, higher education, scientific research, government agencies, associations, and foundations. Stratus has also served clients in the petrochemical, biopharma, aerospace, energy, finance, manufacturing, telecom, consumer goods, food science, news media, and housing.

Sample Engagements

AASLD, American Assoc. for the Study of Liver Diseases                

Design and facilitation of a highly interactive hybrid in-person and virtual Consensus Meeting as part of a Delphi Process sponsored by AASLD and its European counterpart, EASL, to achieve global research community consensus around a potential nomenclature change. 


Phoenix Bioinformatics                                                                   

Scenario planning process that engaged the board and organizational leadership in creating their next Strategic Plan. The process was pivotal in assisting the organization to step from its original start-up approach to the marketplace into a more sophisticated and proactive strategic positioning for the future.


AGU, American Geophysical Union                                                  

Scenario planning process that engaged the membership, Board, Science Council, and staff in the refresh of its Strategic Plan for the future. The resulting plan builds on AGU’s century of leadership in the scientific society of Earth and space scientists and positions AGU to become an increasingly influential player in advancing the potential of Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity and the environment.


National Academies                                                                          

Development and application of a rapid response scenario planning tool to be applied to COVID-19 response. This was the pilot effort. The plan was to then apply the tool to climate change and other potentially catastrophic issues.


BTI, Boyce Thompson Institute                                                        

Success formula and scenario planning to support their Strategic Plan refresh. BTI is focused on advancing and communicating discovery in plant biology to improve agriculture, protect the environment, and enhance human health. Additional work to develop a refreshed workplace model.


National Research Council                                                                

Scenario planning to refresh the NRC Strategic Plan. Process engaged a wide variety of Academy members, stakeholders, as well as all divisions of the NRC.



Success formula and business planning work to create a sustainable and impactful aspirational business plan and model for IGSN for its global application in the persistent sample identifier space. The work included the identification of an acquisition partner.


Gulf Research Program                                                                     

Scenario planning and visioning work to develop a robust and game changing Strategic Plan for its work in the Gulf region of the US.


PSRN, Plant Science Research Network                                             

Scenario planning to support their plant science research communities strategic planning focused on strategies to enable the future of plant science globally. Additional work to develop the decadal vision for this community for researchers.



Success formula and scenario planning to develop their Strategic Plan focused on connecting research and researchers through a persistent, digital identifier, enabling transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers, their contributions, and affiliations.


HHMI, Howard Hughes Medical Institute                                        

Scenario planning used to engage grantees in expanding their thinking on strategies to broaden and sustain undergraduate participation in STEM programs.  Stratus designed and facilitated a 2 1/2 -day Strategic Retreat for 70 participants. HHMI is a science philanthropy whose mission is to advance basic biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity. 


PMI, Project Management Institute                                                

Long-term strategic planning support to an institutionalized scenario-based strategic planning monitoring capability. Success formula applied early on in their strategic planning work.

Client Moments

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